Thursday, May 26, 2011

Digging Through the Computer....

I'm sure you have all done this, but I was weeding through my computer.... Mostly going through files that I had saved for school. Papers and stuff, ya know? I got started going through my "Notebook" folder and into my "Classes" and stumbled upon "Personal". Well from there, I found an old document I had saved, "The_Scriptures". Lo-and-behold I had stumbled upon one piece of gold from my younger days when I was into Star Wars, role playing, and the game Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy (JKA).


Anywho, I opened up the file, which I'm sure was dusty by now. This was back in my early teen years, thirteen to fifteen... Maybe sixteen? Not so sure, those days are all a blur now. The file was just more of a PDF of an old clan's website I used to hang out with back in those days. I started flipping through all fifty-five pages and the memories came back. Mostly the content was focusing on anything from a parental advisory to the "code" to clan ranks to what was expected of members, ect. I was quite surprised that I saved this and had it on my computer for so long. It got me thinking though.. Of the impact that an online community can have on a person. Believe it or not, hanging out with "The Elders," as we were known, actually shaped who I was... Or at least I think. Heck, just look at our clan's logo.


Even though it was just role play, in my own head, I feel like a lot of the values we stood for in character rubbed off on us all. For me, it was a great experience to get to meet those folks. Especially because it was a tight knit group. The joining process wasn't an easy one either, you had to practically make yourself family to every member, in my day that was only twelve other people... Of course it wasn't much easier from there, had to maintain that too.. But...

It makes you wonder though.. Just how much do the online bonds we form affect us? Can someone so far away in distance really shape who you are? I'd like to thank it does. So this was my tribute to them, The Elders, who I spent some time with back in my youth, behind a computer, behind a screenname, role playing. Hats off to them.

But anywho, I couldn't resist sharing this little piece of history I found on my computer with you guys. I'd love to hear about online groups you've really gotten close with; guilds, clans, teams, whatever.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oddly Depressing Job

So, I help out a lot in my school's library. What can I say? I love it there.. Tons of books, not a lot of annoyances, and air conditioning. Perfect environment! Great place to be, until as of lately. It's very depressing actually. Today, the librarian and myself started clearing out and getting rid of books. Long story short, they're closing the school down, consolidation. Just some random job, that I thought would be meaningless turned out to be more depressing than anything though, weirdly enough. I hate seeing the library so empty and without books. We're not even halfway done and I could estimate that we've boxed up a good five to seven hundred books just to be shipped off to nowhere... Can't wait to get this done, feels awful..


Just one of those jobs that you would not exactly think to be depressing that turned out to be. What about you guys, experiences that you thought wouldn't be depressing that turned out to be?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Weather Patterns

Severe weather sucks, no arguement about that at all.  I don't know how it has been where you gents and ladies have been, but here, in Southwest Virginia, it has been worse than usually.  I'm not even just talking about this Spring season, but also recent Winters.  Everything seems to be getting more and more stronger.  More snow, more ice, more rain, stronger winds, and, as of this season, stronger winds here.

Close to my own town, a local area was recently hit, Glade Spring.  A few miles away, I felt some of the impact of the storm myself, but not to the degree and intensity they did.  In fact, a torando actually cropped up there causing quite a bit of damage.


Then we have the recent stuff out Midwest.  It's everywhere... I don't think I need to run this recent news into the ground.

Instead, I'll ask.. What do you guys think the recent extreme weather patterns are due to?

In my own opinion, I think it's partially due to Global Warming (Oh god, right?).  To me, it makes sense.  Man has spent so much time screwing with Mother Nature, this is just her way of cleaning herself.  I always tended to agree heavily with my biology teacher in high School, Earth is a living, breathing thing, just like us and when our body has a parasite that is causing us harm, we don't waste any time at all to fix it.  I guess it is time we either realize what we're doing and clean up our act here on Earth or get out.

Drop a comment, I'd love to hear some views and how (if) the weather is crazy where you folks live.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello potiential followers!  Glad to have you stumble upon my blog.  Just as sort-of a what can you expect here for you guys and something to keep myself on track here, I plan on posting about media; books, games, movies, and television. Just general reviews and my thoughts.  Maybe some more stuff in the future, but for now, I'll keep it as a review and public discussion about it.

Thanks for dropping by!  Hope you decide to stick around to see what I can get into.  Also, feel free to comment with suggestions of juicy items I can indulge myself in.